Key Differences of Sliding and Casement Windows

The Distinctions In Between Sliding Windows and Casement Windows

Sliding windows and casement windows are both terrific choices for any house,however there are some differences between the 2 windows:

Physical Distinctions

When it comes to your home’s replacement windows,the measurements of your window opening will influence your choice. Casement windows,likewise known as crank windows,are frequently selected for high,narrow window openings. The windows are attached to the side of the window frame and swing outward.

There is a difference in how air flows through the openings,based on how each window type is constructed. Many casement windows open entirely,so air can go through the entire opening. With normal moving windows,half the window space is closed or overlapping,so the windows offer less ventilation. EZ Window Solutions sliding windows,nevertheless,are constructed to permit both panes to be opened at the very same time,permitting maximum ventilation from a sliding window.

Energy Effectiveness

Given that you have to be able to open a sliding window,the seal should be somewhat versatile to enable the window to open and closed. While both replacement window options are energy efficient,casement windows are more energy effective since they are not flexible by design.

What to Look For

The opening you have for your window space will assist you determine what type of replacement window you need. Make sure the business you pick has quality windows and will offer you with all of the info about your new windows when you are looking for replacement windows. For example,some moving windows can be challenging to open,however our sliding windows include enhanced sashes,dual brass rollers and totally incorporated lift rails so they run effortlessly,are durable and secure.

When purchasing casement windows,try to find a fully-reinforced frame as well as enhanced sashes,which come standard in our casement windows. A complete,four-sided support will ensure your casement windows will not distort gradually. EZ Window Solutions casements also open to a full 90-degree angle,offering maximum air flow into your space. This distinct function likewise makes it really simple to clean the windows.