Dr. Ziya Durmuş came to the world in Tokat Erbaa district in October 1923 and started his life. His brother Dr. Semet Durmuş and his family, consisting of his sister, Melahat Lake, are among the beloved families of Erbaa. Ziya left home with his brother Sermet Bey to study at Sivas High School, and later, due to his success in science lessons, he returned to Haydarpaşa High School and then to Sivas High School with his teacher. He finished my high school years by entering the science lessons of lower classes as an instructor. He came to Istanbul Faculty of Medicine for higher education in 1939-40. During his medical school education, his classmate Dr. They met Süheyla and got married after graduation.

Dr. While Süheyla Hanım was specialized in internal medicine at Haydarpaşa Numune Hospital, Ziya performed her military service and for a while as a government doctor. In 1950, Dr. Zekai Tahir started his specialization in Ankara Maternity Hospital in the branch of Obstetrics and Gynecology. During his specialization years, especially his surgical skills, Dr. Zekai has caught the attention of the brain. Zekai Bey is a valuable doctor who is a member of the Ottoman dynasty and has broad common sense and farsighted qualities. He started the first roganized Maternity Home concept in 1949 by building the current building of the Maternity Home in our country, and laid the first foundations of Maternal Child Health. When Ziya was only 38 years old, Dr. Zekai Bey was appointed to this position in 1962 after he was nominated as chief physician. Since he was the youngest chef at the hospital in those years, senior chefs gathered and made an appeal visit to the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health rejected the objections, believing that Ziya Bey’s only support was Mr. Zekai and that it would be beneficial for the future of the hospital. Ziya Brain has made great contributions to both the hospital and Turkish Modern Gynecology and Maternal and Child Health services in his non-stop duty for 28 years. In the years he took over his duty, his first practice was to ban subtotal hysterectomy when it was not needed and to lay the foundations of modern gynecological surgery. 1968’l in the year in Turkey and Ankara subtotal, total hysterectomy in the period in which the debate is still alive Prof. Dr. 

During the period of İnönü governments, Ziya Bey was given the task of finishing and opening the Ankara High Specialization Hospital, whose construction turned into a snake story. Mr. Ziya opened this hospital into service in less than a year, and for a short time he carried out his founding chief physician together with the Maternity Hospital. He transformed the maternity home, which showed a rapid development, into a hospital with 150 beds and 600 beds and various units, with the contributions of those who love him, when it was a problem to hammer a nail into hospitals due to insufficient physical capacity. Upon the death of his teacher, Zekai, whom he counted a lot in those years, Ziya started to work to give his teacher to the hospital. 

I still remember my late father’s voice trembling one night and he told me, in amazement, of the difficulties of giving his professor’s name to the hospital. The first gynecological endocrine laboratory in Turkey – RIA was founded in 1973 and is currently Professor’m the referee for studying this subject. Dr. Oya Gökmen was sent to England. Despite the oncological surgery he liked very much in the 1980s, his intense interest in reproductive endocrinology began. 

In those years, although the investments and knowledge on this issue and assisted reproductive techniques were in front of many centers, they did not survive to see the results.